Thomas Jennings and Martin McNally travelled, on 11th February, for the express purpose to oversee the establishment of a Women’s Christian Rehabilitation Centre (for addicts) in Israel.

The initial vision to assist in this pioneering and soul-face work came in 2012, when Thomas and Dietburg Jennings led a tour to Israel. During this, their second visit to the Holy Land, they found this other side of this wonderful and blessed country, which distressed them deeply.

Women were lying around helpless in their need and while they were invited to the Tel Aviv Day Centre for refreshments and clean clothing, there was no known rehabilitation centre to which they might go for Christian love and help.

While there are two similar rehabilitation centres in Haifa and Be’er Sheva, geared to the needs of male addicts, this is the first known women’s centre in the country.

It has been the honour of MET to financially support this new venture.

The centre houses up to four women, offering them succour and support in their withdrawal from their addictions, while at the same time pointing them to the Saviour, Who will not only willingly save them, but totally change and enable them to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.

The management team, comprises Dov, Rod, and Svetlana, who have extensive personal knowledge of the great needs of addicts and who share an evangelical heart of love for them.

This work enjoys the full support of the believers of the Haifa Assembly.

Please pray for these women.

The rehab family

The rehab family

Centre Management team with Martin McNally (NI)

Centre Management team with Martin McNally (NI)

First women's Christians rehabilitation centre in Israel.

First women’s Christians rehabilitation centre in Israel