The Gospel for refugees, from North Africa and the Middle East in Europe

Sept 25 2015

While a divided Europe creates chaos in the ever -increasing flow of refugees from Eastern and Southern also takes individual actions to help these needy souls. These actions almost all relate to meet physical needs. And that is sorely needed!

However, we as Christians have something extra to offer. Not only the relative peace of the Western world, but also the eternal peace with God the Father. It will not only give them peace in their hearts but also a wonderful eternal destination. was this not the Great Commission in the Bible.

For several years we have  produced an Arab City Bible. Today there is big wave of Islamic people flowing into Europe. A unique opportunity to reach these people, who have been driven from their traditional environment, with the Gospel. more than ever, they are seen to be open for the Good news and many come to faith in Jesus Christ.

How long this opportunity will be there we do not know, but NOW is the time!

Every day, sometimes every hour, we get requests for the Arabic City Bible. From Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece ,Italy and the Balkans.

Therefore, our spontaneous action; Do you/Would you like to help us in the coming days to print at least 100,000 city Bibles in Arabic?

We believe that the financial recourses to enable us to print these  100,000 Arabic Bibles shall be realised within the coming weeks. do you have compassion with the eternal future of these poor people and bring not only the peace of the world but also the Peace of Heaven?

Join in and give this letter your assembly, organisation, network of brothers and sisters……….