MET has been supporting Dr Vinko Oslak, who along with Marta Stupar (Smartno assembly, Slovenia), has been very pro-active in translating spiritual books into Slovenian.


“Vinko was a teacher and spiritual trainer of priests for many years and entering into a Bible Bookshop, one day, commenced reading the Scriptures

“In grace, the Lord saved him and he left the university where he worked, as he could no longer teach their particular doctrines

He writes,

‘[At the] moment I am reading every evening in my King James Bible.

‘In these last years I have been revising the first (Dalmatin, 1584) Slovenian Bible into [more] modern Slovenian. I have already translated the whole [of the] New Testament and the Old [Testament, as far as] the book of Job.

‘[last year] I translated the famous book of John Bunyan, “The Pilgrim’s Progress” [into] Slovenian and Esperanto. The Slovenian version is [presently being] prepared to be [published] in Ljubljana.

‘This year I am writing a [biography] about an American, who came to Slovenia to study [the] life of a Slovenian reformer, [called] Primož Trubar. This novel [is the] groundwork for an eventual film.

‘So, that’s from my little desk, my greetings in our Lord –

‘Vinko Ošlak


Please remember this dear man of God in prayer. There are very few solidly Biblical books in Slovenian and this work is, therefore, of immense importance.”