News from  Serbia from,

  Silvester Vegal 

About the migrant crisis in Subotica….

I  would rather say it is Europe’s crisis…
A mass of migrants: old people, children, women, young men and older…

The fact is that there are a LOT of people in need of food and water, tired, need medical help…

Some churches do take aid to the people that are in need. Not all churches are able to do it as they do not have free resources (people working one or more jobs)

So it is maybe a few people from the churches and some volunteers and some humanitarian organizations

Those migrants are not staying in Subotica for long, only a few days, because their destination is EU

What Serbian government is doing now is that they get the migrants into buses and disembark them at the closest EU border   The  Border near Kanjiza in Northern  Serbia will now be closed for a month from today, because migrants that are leftover are creating riots at the closed Hungarian border.

So Subotica itself is not in some kind of crisis, but the border area is.  And I think the  Kanjiza area is more populated with migrants. They get there into groups and head to the border…

It is very tricky situation. I believe it is very political…. and even maybe very religious.. Some of the migrants clearly stated that when they get into EU and settle there, their children will grow up and EU will have less churches and more mosques..

 This process of migrants is on for some 5 years now, but it was in VERY small percent.A

May God bless you and give us all His wisdom and clear view and understanding  in these bad days

 Yours Silvester