Greetings from Niš!

September 2016

School starts September 1st, and things are returning to “normal.” Pray for the regular weekly Good News Clubs for children and teens which will be restarting all over Serbia. There were 9 camps this summer at Mrčajevci, plus many other camps and clubs countrywide. The Summer Missionary Camp was the last one this summer and greatly encouraged the youth who attended, who learned how to teach children about Christ and grew in their own faith as they practiced what they learned during the second week when they held Five-Day Clubs for children in Niš, Kragujevac, Karanovac, and Bela Palanka. Pray the local children’s ministers in these towns will be able to continue working with the children they met in that week. Pray the children’s parents will see the importance of teachig their children about God and will help them attend Good News Clubs.

In the Niš church “Logos,” Ethan finished a 17-week sermon series on Ephesians. Pray for wisdom to preach what the assembly of believers needs to hear for their nourishment and encouragement.

We are planning to build a baptismal and have our second baptism of the year on October 2nd. We plan to baptize 2 teens—siblings Daniel and Sofia—and Snežana, who was saved six years ago after volunteering at the camp. We have least 3 more candidates who are almost ready for baptism. Pray for those getting baptized, and those who are close.

One local believer, Klara, is awaiting medical results and will most likely soon have major surgery. Pray for her and her five boys, three of whom are still living at home – Dušan, Pipi, and Vladimir. Dušan was baptized in June.

There is a Child Evangelism Fellowship team meeting on the weekend of September 16-18th to discuss the summer and plan for the future. Pray the meeting goes well and is a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement for all the workers.

Jan’s father will be visiting from September 20th until the 30th. Toby will be very happy to see “Gya-gya.” We look forward to exploring Subotica, Serbia together and then spending time in Niš.

Jan, Ethan, and Toby