April-may 2015 Update


“In general, we see that the condition of the drug addicts from [the] Tel-Aviv streets is getting [increasingly] worse… They look dirtier, [are] more miserable and more neglected. The drugs are becoming more and more destructive for their body and soul. Please keep praying!


“… It is difficult to persuade men… to enter a rehabilitation program, but it is even more difficult to persuade women. One reason is that on the streets women are more enduring than men, so it takes [a lot more] time before they do turn for help. Secondly, women are more afraid of the withdrawals and thirdly, they are more psychologically traumatized (because of [their lifestyle]), so it is not easy to approach them.


That is why at present our rehabilitation centre for women in Haifa is taking care only of two women. On the other hand, this situation is not unusual for a new rehabilitation centre. [Dov and his team have seen] the same picture in the [early] months of [their] rehabilitation centre in Beer-Sheva two years ago.


The centre is also in [urgent] need of workers and volunteers. The woman who was staying in the [centre] for the night shifts had to leave, as she wasn’t able to show much tenderness and compassion to the tenants. As a result, Sveta, the manager… had to move [in] with her child… which is of course not an easy step for her.


Please pray that God would send us those who would be willing to work in the centre – as paid staff or volunteers.


We also ask you to pray for [Dov]: his back has been giving [him difficulties over these six months. He is central to the work, not only in Tel Aviv and Haifa, but also in Be’er Sheva].