In the beginning it was a real problem for the migrants  as it was illegal for them to use any form of public transportation and equally illegal for any to transport them, it was punishable with up to 5 years in jail, as I am telling you this, two men from one of our assemblies  are now serving jail time for 5 years  just for transporting migrants.

During this period they would walk the length of Macedonia on foot about 250km south by Greece to north by Serbia.
This was also the time when some of them started buying bicycles and were ridding bicycles but of course many could not afford so they walk.

When they walked, they travel on the rail tracts which apparently passes through the RED COAST village where we did water project.

Here the villagers would give them drinking water, some times and bread, but some started charging the migrants for this.

About over a month now pushed by the UN, the Macedonian government voted into law to make it legal for the migrants to take public transportation, so now all migrants can travel by train which each has to pay for a ticket which cost about 25 Euros .

Now there is a camp set up by the border where they could have shelter , some food and water, donated each day by aid workers the Assembly in Macedonia is doing less, not because that they do not want to help, but that resources are scarce.

For us to do something, it may have to take some finances and some Arabic tracts, we have none in Arabic.
So now all that we do is to pray for them each Sunday at our regular services.

I hope this helps you get some vague idea about the migrants routes through Macedonia.