Greetings from Serbia!

Today and tomorrow are the Labor Day holidays here. Following a cool and rainy weekend, we had a nice sunny day at the local park, and in every playground between here and there. Toby is getting big. It’s nice not to have to hold his hand all the time now, except near streets and parking lots. I was excited last month to be able to talk to him about God and for him to respond a little more. I used a bracelet to share the (very abridged) gospel with him. He said the black bead meant God was angry with us, and the clear one (after the red one and the cross) meant God is happy, so at least that’s something to build on! I thank God for His Holy Spirit working in Toby’s heart laying a foundation. Praise God for working in the hearts of all the children and adults in Serbia. Pray we believers will always be obedient to share God’s truths with those around us.

The Women’s Bible Study is studying the first part of Genesis. There are only five ladies in the group right now, but most weeks we only manage to get three of us together or even have to cancel it completely. Pray for good health so that the ladies are able to all meet, and for us to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word.

On May 17th, Jan’s dad will arrive for a summer visit. He will be with us through the end of July, and we are looking forward to the time together. Pray for his health and travel to be good, and for us to find the right apartment (with air conditioning!) for him while he is here.

This Thursday our friend Marko is taking his driving test…again. It is very difficult to pass the driving part. Pray he will pass it this time since he and his wife are living in Slovakia for work at the moment, and he has to keep coming here for this test! On the other hand, praise God for cheap direct flights between our two cities! 🙂

The first camp this summer starts on June 25th, but already a fair number have signed up for various camps. Pray for more campers to sign up, as well as volunteers so that the camps are well staffed. Pray also that the CEF workers and their helpers are well prepared by the time the camps start.

Thank you for praying for us and for the people here.

May God bless you.
Ethan, Jan, & Toby Schrader