Some news from Israel,

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you very much for your care and support!

Here is our new ministry update.

Happy Easter Holidays to you and yours!

Dov and Olga Bikas



Our center in Tel-Aviv works according to the following scheme. Each day a different team is in charge of its activities, opening the center for 3 to 4 hours. Since all teams are from towns that are not very close to Tel-Aviv, our volunteers spend much time travelling and cannot stay in the center for longer shifts. It’s our desire, however, that the center would be open for longer periods of time and we are very happy when a new team joins our ministry. We are praising the Lord that recently the team from “Victory House” has joined us – the first Israeli Christian rehab. They have been working for 20 years already, and it is an honor for us to partner with them.

Thus at present we have got teams from six men’s and one women’s rehabs that come to volunteer in Aviv Center every week. Each team also takes those addicts who are willing to start a rehabilitation program into their rehab centers. Recently we asked one woman from Tel-Aviv streets how she had learnt about Aviv Center, and she replied: “Everybody knows about Aviv Center in this area”. It’s very encouraging to hear such words and also to see that the center’s daily attendance is up to 30 people.

We also praise the Lord for Alexander who came to us 4 years ago, heavily addicted and depressed. He lived in our rehab and at our home, became a believer, overcame his addiction and went to Bible college. For the last several months we see especially wonderful spiritual changes in his life: he has turned into a strong and mature believer and even became responsible for one full weekly shift in Aviv Center, serving there with great dedication and talent. The Lord is good!



We are happy to see that several native Israelis have recently started the rehabilitation program in the men’s rehab center of our partner Maxim. Up until now we have seen only Russian-speaking addicts joining our rehabs. For Israelis it is very difficult to hear about Jesus, so most probably these men would never have come to live in a place where the New Testament and Jesus is mentioned if they had not been entrapped by drugs. Their situation is similar to that of the traveler from the Good Samaritan parable: when everybody had turned away from them, they received help from someone they used to despise and reject…

Our new women’s center keeps working. Please keep praying for women from Tel Aviv streets who need rehabilitation, but sadly do not realize this need because of the drugs that blur their perception of reality. They are virtually dying a slow and terrible death, but still say they are fine and do not need help. This is a real tragedy. The center’s team is trying to reach street women not only in Tel Aviv, but in other places as well.

There are also women who stayed in our rehab for some time, but left the program too early. One of them, Nadia, who is only 22 years old, has a believing mother and was baptized as a teenager, but after some time started drinking and taking pills. She stayed in our rehab, then left, then returned and left again. Please pray for her.

Another woman, Olga, who is about 40 years old and had been an alcoholic for 5 long years, has been staying in the rehab for a month and a half already. She professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and we do start to see changes in her life. Please pray for her full recovery.



We are happy to see that these days our church place is 100 per cent full during our Shabbat services; some people even stand in the back of the hall. Please keep praying for our congregation, as it still needs more leaders and ministers.

Our rehab in Beer-Sheva is full – 8 men live there at present. Please pray especially for Alex who is back with us for the 3rd or even the 4th time. He wants to become a believer, but says it is difficult for him to be convinced that God exists. Pray that God would open his eyes! Please pray for the other men at our Beer-Sheva rehab as well: 4 alcoholics, two more drug addicts and one man with disturbed psyche.

The lady we wrote to you about in our previous letter, Irena, is doing better and better, praise the Lord. Every time we meet her we see more changes that have happened to her. She has become friendlier with other tenants of the shelter, started helping in the kitchen, etc. Please pray for her reconciliation with her parents and daughter.

Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you abundantly,

our dear praying friends! Yours in Him,

Dov and Olga Bikas


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