Greetings from noisy Serbia,

Many firecrackers and fireworks have already been set off over the past month, (especially on December 31st) and will be until the end of January as Serbs celebrate New Year (January 1st), Christmas (January 7th due to the Julian Calendar), “Serbian” New Year (January 14th, again due to the Julian Calendar), and any time in between, when the mood strikes. Pray this time of festivities will not just be a time of loud music, random explosions, lots of food, and rest from work, but also a time for people to seek God.

On January 5th, the local believers are planning a big presentation with songs, a puppet show about the meaning of Christmas, and handing out Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes. The puppet crew has already been busy for most of December, but is still looking for opportunities to share, whether or not they still have shoeboxes. Pray lots of children and parents will hear the Gospel and feel God’s love through the believers.

On January 14th, the church plans to have a meeting to discuss finances, plans, and small details which need to be discussed. Pray for wisdom and love to guide us along God’s path for our local body of believers.

Our family enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s at home with just the three of us. As it has gotten colder, we have been inside a lot more, but that hasn’t kept us from catching colds. At the moment we’re mostly healthy and hope for at least one month without anybody getting sick. Toby has discovered a love of plain pancakes, and continues to enjoy playing with anything with wheels and jumping on his small trampoline.

Let us know if there is anything we can pray about for you.

Blessings & Peace,
Ethan, Jan, & Toby