Hungary closed the border to Serbia with fences and police. In this case instead of 3-4-5000 (a day before closing was nearly 10.000) arrived only 100 – who was kept and sentenced. Now nobody can come through on the border at Subotica/Röszke. The motorway is closed at that area.

Yesterday there were about some hundreds of them who attacked the border. They could break through the first line – as the police marched back to the second fence waiting to be strengthen. When it arrives they attacked back the crowd and with tear gas and water cannon they drove back the crowd who throw stones (they were really big!) and other  things — even two children (!!!!!!!!!) through the fence. The children were not hurt, was aged about 8-10.

Later on the media told that the police kept a man who was speaking on loudspeaker to the crowd, and also told that kept a man who is on the terrorists list…

Now the situation is, that lots of them bought the ticket to München, (how do they have the 100’s euro for the ticket I can not understand) but they are not allowed to travel as they have no registration – and refugee status. Today they could enter into the railway station, but the Hungarian Railway told that they cancelled all trains abroad to West.

We really need prayer for the Leaders of the EU to have an understanding of the problems we are facing.



Warm regards,

Tamás & Szilvia