We survived the holidays, cold weather, and a few rounds of illness which have left all three of us tired and ready for some sun and good health. Pray that we can stay healthy in February as we have endured more than enough of various flus, colds, and stomach bugs since August.

Many people outside of Serbia will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Here in Serbia it is a newer concept which marketers are trying to figure out how to capitalize. Many of the evangelical churches across Serbia are planning a “Marriage Week” from February 7th until the 14th to hold events to highlight the sanctity and importance of marriage to families and society. Our local church will be hosting a small dinner for couples on Saturday the 11th. The plan is for each married couple in the church to invite a “non-churched” couple to come to dinner where each couple can sit with and focus on their spouse, followed by short readings focused on love and marriage (quotes, poetry. Bible verses, reminder of marriage vows, etc) and then some group games and activities so the couples can mingle and get to know each other better. Pray we know who to invite and the plans will come together to draw others to our Lord. And pray everyone can find babysitters!

The church meeting went well last month and the weekly Sunday gathering has now been moved to 11 in the morning. It was good to be together, talking about our hopes, visions and plans for the future. Pray for the church members since we are small in number and many are also involved in full-time ministry with CEF. Pray also for the members who live in other cities and who travel here for fellowship once a month. May God work in each of our hearts so we can be stronger and more united in our faith, able to reach the people around us with the light of Christ.

Toby has enjoyed balancing and walking on all the snow piled up along the sidewalks. He’s not nearly as interested in actually touching the snow—“Cold!” “Dirty!” Most of the snow is melting off now, and we plan to go out today so he can “stomp snow.”

May the Lord bless you this coming month.

Ethan, Jan, & Toby